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Antique Taxidermy

This Cat Hat is so awful I think it must be great. And don’t miss the “PUSSY” collar she’s wearing to accentuate her hairpiece. and… H.M.S. Fox (and kitty!). This one is just so awesome!:

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Spider Monkeys!

Came across this “lovely” couple recently. They really were made for each other. Don’t miss the prices on these beauties. Only 5 Grand for the pair! But be careful if you do buy them.  “She’s Hungry!” (for what, I don’t know…)

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Dutch artist Bart Jansen had a cat named Orville. One day, Orville was hit by a car and killed. Any normal person would have buried or cremated the little guy. But Jansen had a different plan. He had Orville stuffed and then turned him into a helicopter. By adding a motorized propeller to each paw, […]

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